Management and Operational Team

Brook Capital Plc has a team with extensive knowledge in their respective fields, providing strength to the organization. Following are key management & operational team members of Brook Capital Plc:

Mr Christopher Fernyhough- Chartered FCSI, Chartered Wealth Manager, BEng (Hons).

Chris has an impressive background of academic and professional qualifications as well as extensive experience in Investments. Stock broking and providing advice and discretionary management for client portfolios (including advising on investments within SIPPs and ISA’s), Chris continues to grow relationships with IFA’s and other intermediaries, also assisting with the enhancement of other areas such as the development of platforms and products to be offered to clients and intermediaries.

Mr Peter Leonard, BA (Hons) English Law, Associate Institute of Bankers (ACIB) Director.

Peter has a wealth of experience in Investment Fund Management, including client pension funds and equity fund management. Peter’s expertise is developing funds under management from millions of pounds to billions of pounds and he has a proven track record of this activity, with his previous employers, including Barclay’s Bank and Friends Provident Asset Management, where he was responsible for 32 billion pounds under management.

Ms Jaya Nayyar, Msc, Bsc (Hons).

Jaya is working as Human Resource Management & Administration Director for Brook Capital Plc. Her communication skills and her forward vision relation to working with key personals are unique. Her vision & enthusiasm has lead to opening of new doors in Brook Capital Plc. She has achieved great success in the context of making personal relations with some of the major corporate players in the market.

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